Working together.

We offer our services through monthly memberships to give you the best experience and benefit for your effort and commitment.

Our memberships allow you to be in the driver’s seat and also feel supported throughout your journey. 

We are here to support you in making nutrition and lifestyle changes that align with your goals for better health with kidney disease.

Key components to The Nourished Kidneys Membership are outlined below. You’ll find these components in the group membership or you can upgrade for private counseling with more one-on-one support. 

We’ve structured the membership to renew monthly with new kidney specific nutrition content to digest weekly. You decide how long you’d like the support based on what works best for your situation!

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Kidney Specific Nutrition Learning Modules

Gain confidence in knowing how to choose foods to protect your kidneys. We cover it ALL at an easy, digestible pace, so you have time to put into practice the information presented each month.

We’ll dive into one main topic each month. You’ll learn all the tips and tricks for each monthly topic from Candace, Renal Dietitian and founder of Nourished Pear. You’ll also have access to any supporting written content and/or printouts on the topic of the month. 

We’ll go through the biochemical functions of why each component is important, how to read your own labs to determine the best action plan for your situation, and how to make it a reality for you.

The monthly learning module topics are listed, in order, below.

    1. Protein and potential renal acid load.
    2. Potassium: Determining how much and why?
    3. Sodium and fluid for preserving kidney function and healthy hearts.
    4. Linking dietary phosphorus in kidney disease to your heart, bones, and skin.
    5. Carbohydrate choices in relation to diabetes, energy, and inflammation.
    6. Creating a healthy gut microbiome with kidney disease.,

Meal Planning and Recipes

Eliminate the stress of finding recipes and calculating meal plans for your specific nutrition needs. 

Your membership includes online access to personalized meal plans, easy to follow recipes, grocery lists, online ordering and delivery (where available), step-by-step prep schedules, daily logs, and nutrition analysis reports.

You’ll set aside time each week to make your meal plan using EatLove’s meal planning platform with nutrition guidelines Candace has adjusted for stage of kidney disease. 

Your nutrition parameters will be adjusted based on your cooking habits listed in your initial meal planning intake form. 

You’ll have access to recipe collections created by Candace specifically for kidney disease. Plus, you’ll have ongoing support and guidance from Candace during monthly Q & A’s or through group chat.

Check out this amazing meal planning platform below in the video!

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Live Q & A's with Candace, Renal Dietitian

You are not alone in this journey!

Join other Nourished Kidneys Members during monthly group Q & A’s.

You’ll have access to a Board Certified Specialist in Renal Nutrition with The Nourished Kidneys Membership.

Candace will be available every 2nd Thursday of the month for 45 minutes to answer any questions you have about nutrition with kidney disease, technical questions, or making the most of the membership. 

Weekly Content for Support

Each week will include even more written and/or recorded content to walk you through setting and achieving your chosen goals to support each month’s topic.

    • Assessments
    • Worksheets
    • Resources
    • Inspiration
    • Guidance
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Connect with your peers!

No one can quite understand your situation like someone else who is taking the same journey as you.

Nourished Kidneys members will have the opportunity to join each other in community forums and the monthly live Q & A sessions. 

Share recipes with each other, what’s worked or not worked for you, and share your goals

Discounts on Supplements

As a member, you’ll receive Nourished Pear’s provider discount of 25% on any supplements you decide you need through Fullscript.

Who is Nourished Kidneys Membership for?

Kidney disease

You are in the right place if you have kidney disease and want to preserve your kidney function and health by using nutrition.

Group membership is ideal for stage 1 through 4 without complications, excluding Polycystic Kidney Disease.

You should consider working privately with Candace or another renal dietitian if you are stage 4 with complications, stage 5, or have Polycystic Kidney Disease.


You are ready to know the facts about kidney disease nutrition.

You are tired of sifting through conflicting information on the internet.

You're tired of being fearful of food and want to gain confidence in your food choices.

You are ready to learn more so you can to add foods back into your diet!


You are looking for support in understanding and setting your goals.

You like the accountability joining a membership can provide you.

You are not interested in rushing through educational courses.

You are here to ensure you can make sustainable lifestyle and nutrition changes.


You want to connect with other people who are experiencing life with kidney disease.

You prefer a more intimate community than large Facebook groups.

You want to share ideas and hear from others about successes and struggles.

You would appreciate having a renal dietitian available in the group for support and expertise in nutrition for kidney disease.

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How it works

Sign up for Nourished Kidneys Membership!

You'll get a Welcome Email with your username and temporary password.

You'll have immediate access to the membership portal!

Candace will set up your profile for meal planning based on your Meal Planning Intake Form within 72 hours.

You'll receive weekly updates with new content in your portal for the duration of your membership!

Get Started Now!

Signing up below will give you access to the group membership option of Nourished Kidneys Membership.

Keep reading if you are interested in upgrading to include private counseling!

Private Counseling Membership

Get the ultimate personalization and support for your kidney health.

Receive all the same benefits listed above with the group membership plus all the benefits listed below!

You’ll get a monthly private session with Candace, Founder of Nourished Pear and Board Certified Specialist in Renal Nutrition. Your first private session is up to 90 minutes and each follow up is up to 60 minutes.

Candace will be able to give you a personalized nutrition prescription based on your medical history and labs.

You can work with Candace on setting personalized goals.

You’ll have private chat access with Candace to ask questions pertaining to your specific situation.

Optional add-ons include micronutrient lab draws and reviews and additional 30 minute sessions.

Private memberships require a free 20 minute discovery call to determine if we are a good fit for each other. 

Make the choice that’s right for you.

Group Membership

$ 129
  • Kidney Nutrition Class
  • Meal Planning Support
  • Nutrition Analysis Reports
  • Meal Recommendations
  • Recipe Collections
  • Community Support
  • Weekly Content Support
  • Monthly Live Group Q & A's
  • 25% Fullscript Discount
  • HSA/FSA Eligible

Private Upgrade

$ 329
  • Kidney Nutrition Class
  • Meal Planning Support
  • Nutrition Analysis Reports
  • Meal Recommendations
  • Recipe Collections
  • Community Support
  • Weekly Content Support
  • Monthly Live Group Q & A's
  • 25% Fullscript Discount
  • HSA/FSA Eligible
  • Private Counseling
  • Personalized nutrition prescription
  • Support in setting personalized goals
  • Personalized recipe collections
  • Unlimited private chat
  • Superbill available
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Not sure if this is the right membership for you?

Schedule a free 20  minute discovery call with Candace. We’ll talk about where you are now and where you want to be in the future. 

Want nutrition tips on getting started?

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